Rate Order
Rate Order 7-27-2017
Rate Order - Application for Service
Rate Order - Commercial Account Application for Service
Rate Order - Commercial-Tenant Application for Service
Rate Order - Appendix A - Rules and Regularions
Rate Order - Appendix B - Drought Contingency Plan
Rate Order - Appendix C - Rules and Regulations
Other Documents
Office Use Agreement 11-30-17
Eneregy Consumption Report - Electricity for Kleinwood MUD for September 2017
Energy Consumption Report - Electricity for Kleinwood MUD for July 2017
Order Levying Taxes 9-28-17
Notice to Purchaser 9-28-17
Energy Consumption Report July 2017
Annual Financial Report FYE 3-31-2017
House Bill 3693 Report
2016 Water Quality Report
Annual Financial Report FYE 3-31-2016
District Boundary Map 6-27-2016
Superior Water System Recognition
Chloramines Information
Resolution Adopting Policy Regarding Public Comment at Meetings of Board of Directors
Office Use Agreement
Application For Use of District Office
The State Of Texas Landowner's Bill of Rights

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