Payments can now be put in the drop box at the treatment plant
access road near Squyres Road and Cypresswood Dr.

As a convenience the Board of Directors of Kleinwood MUD offer a number of different payment options. See the descriptions below to find the method that works best for you. These options are for paying your water / sewer bills only. Tax payments must be made through the Tax Office.

Pay From Here via Our Internet Credit Card Payment Link

You must have your 15-digit water account number from your statement to make a payment. For example: 10790-0010012000. Please confirm payment made to Kleinwood MUD.

MasterCard / Discover payments accepted.

A third party 5% transaction fee* of the payment amount will be charged to the customer.
Click here to pay today: (please allow 24 to 48 hour for payment to be received by the District).

Utilize Your Existing At-Home Internet Payment Service

You may use your existing at-home internet bill payment service (offered by your bank) to make an electronic payment.

You must have your 15-digit water account number to make a payment.

You are not charged by the District for this payment option.

Direct Payment Plan

You may allow automatic withdrawals from your bank account each month to pay your water bill.  Please contact the Customer Service Office at 832-467-1599 to request the appropriate form.

The customer pays a third party $1.00 transaction fee* each month. The payment will be posted by the “due date” of each month.

Check by Phone

Payment may only be processed using a personal checking account.

The customer pays a third party $3.95 transaction fee* to the service provider.

To pay with a check by phone, call 713-881-0675.

Drop-Off or Mail-In Payments

Payments can be put in the drop box at the treatment plant access road near Squyres Road and Cypresswood Dr.

Also, you may drop-off your payment at the District’s Customer Service Office, go 17495 Village Green Drive, Houston, Texas 77040. A drop-slot allows payment to be dropped off when the office is closed.

To mail-in your payment, address it to the District’s post office box: P.O. Box 690928, Houston, TX 77269-0928

* Fees charged by the service providers listed above are for the administrative costs of providing the services. Kleinwood MUD does not receive any portion of the service fees. Please contact the Customer Service Office if you have any questions.


Electronic payment options should not be utilized for delinquent accounts. The above options are not available for non-sufficient fund items or terminated service payments. Customers with non-sufficient fund items and terminated service must come to an EDP’s office with cashier’s check or money order to settle their accounts. Payments made on accounts that have been disconnected for delinquent bill MUST be made only at the customer service office by money order or cashier’s check to restore service.


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